1 The name of the society is “SARS” (Social Agriculture Resurgence of Sirmour) District Sirmour, (H.P)  

2 Where the registered office of the society shall be situated for the time being at 147/5 shiva Chander  Niwas behind I.T.I Shamsherpur, Paonta Sahib District Sirmour (H.P)- 173025

3 The objects for which the society is formed are as under-:

(a) To work for the resurgence of social educational, economic, public health, irrigation- drinking water, environs, agriculture, electricity, sanitation, education, etc. With special   impassion on rural backward areas of Sub Division Paonta Sahib Sirmour District especially Giri Paar and hill area, And to achieve these ends.

b) To work for women’s emancipation in the sub Division Paonta Sahib of Sirmour.

c) To educated farmers about the agriculture-care and crops beneficial for them, animal husbandry   by arranging awareness camps, addressed by specialist.

d) To help and construct old age homes, hostels, community-halls, educational institution etc.



Social  Agricultural Resurgence of Sirmour

[ A Society under Societies Registration Act]

In these Rules there is anything repugnant in the subject of context:-

(i)  “Society ” Mean the “SARS, District Sirmour, H.P.”

(ii) “Member “ mean the member of SARS;

(iii) ” Governing Council” the Governing Council of the SARS will consist of not less than 7 members and not more than 10 members.

(iv) “Rules “  shall mean the Rules & Regulation of the SARS for the time being in force;

(v) Every member shall be found to conform to the Rules and Regulations of the SARA as may form time,be in force

(vi) Service of notice of any communication shall be presumed to have been effected on the members if the same is sent under certificate of posting on the last known address as recorded with the SARS.

(vii) Area of operation:-  Sub Division Paonta Sahib of District Sirmour with special emphasis on Giri Paar and hill areas like Dharti Mahal etc.

2 ” Membership “ Membership of the SARS shall be open to such persons interested in social work educated and will be confirmed by the Governing council, and if refuses, reasons of

the refusal shall be recorded and intimated to the applicant.

3  Any eminent person nominated by the Governing Council will be a patron.

4  Honorary Member -The Governing council may nominated any person as honorary member

and such honorary member may be nominated to the Governing Council.

5 Termination of the Membership: A person  Shall cease to be member of the SARS:-

A On death

b) On resigning from membership

c) On default payment of membership fee.

d) On conviction of criminal offence moral turpitude.

e) On being of unsound mind.

f) On creating indiscipline by creating factions in the SARS or not following the rules of the SARS.

6 Governing Council:-  

(i) The Governing  Council  Shall consist of not less than 7 members and not more than 10 members. The office bearers of the governing council shall constitute l) President/Director 2) Vice President 3) General  Secretary, and 4) Treasurer etc. and the remaining shall be the executive members.

(ii) The first governing council shall continue in existence for a period of 3 years from the date of Registration of the SARS .

7 Office Bearer:

(i)  President/ Director:  The President/ Director shall be head of the SARS. He shall preside over the meeting  of the Governing Council and the General Body. In case of equal votes, he shall have right to give casting vote. Proceedings of the General meeting and Governing Council shall be authenticated by the Signature of the President. He will direct the General Secretary to convene the meetings of General  Body  and Governing Council. He will deal with the funds of the SARS in such a manner he deems fit for the promotion of the SARS.

(ii) Vice President :- He shall preside over the meetings of the General body and governing council in the absence of the President and perform his functions.

(iii) General Secretary:- General Secretary shall exercise the executive function delegated to him by. the  Governing Council or President. He shall-

a) Maintain upto date register of members;

b) Summon and attend meetings of the SARS and Governing Council under the instruction of the President as the circumstances required.

c) Circulate the agenda of the meeting;

d) Record the proceeding of the meeting;

e) Carry on such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Governing Council President/ Vice President.

8 Treasurer:-

Treasurer Shall realise annual fees from the member and collect other donations from  members and patrons etc. He shall maintain regular accounts of all money received and money spent. He shall be responsible for getting the yearly accounts checked by some Chartered Accountant appointed by the President / Governing Council. He shall submit monthly account to the Governing council and will keep them in his/ her custody after the governing council has approved the same. He will keep the following registers:-

a) Ledger of subscription.

b) Stock Register.

c) Register of patrons and life members.

d) Receipt books, cheque books, bank pass books, register of Subscription. He will act per orders of the President/ Governing council.

e) To open, operate, close accounts with a schedule bank or banks with the permission of the President Executive. He shall be responsible for getting the yearly accounts checked by a chartered accountant/ Auditors, appointed by the Governing Council.

9. Termination or Removal of the Member of the Governing Council-:

a) Failing to attend three consecutive meetings without satisfactory reasons or creating indiscipline, shall cease to be a member. The Governing Council may exempt from attending the meetings after ascertaining the reason for absence.

10 Filling of Vacancies  :-  If a member or Office bearer of Government council resigns or dies vacancy will be filled up by the President/ Director in consultation with the Governing Council

11 General Meeting:-  A meeting of the members of the SARS shall be held once in a year.

12 Extra Ordinary General Meeting:-  Shall be called by the Secretary if required to do so by the 1/3 of the total strength of the Governing Council.

13 Quorum:  One third of the member of Governing council shall form the quorum. If the quorum is not present within half and hours of the beginning of the meeting, meeting will stand adjourned on that day

14 Notice of the Meeting:-  Seven days clear notice shall be given for convening of meeting of the Governing Council.

15 Election :- Election of the Governing Council will be held after every five years.

16 Financial Year:- The financial year shall be reckoned from the 1″ of April of each year to 31st March of the following year.

17 Audit :-  Accounts of the SARS shall be audited by a Chartered Accountants.

18  SARS may sue or be sued in the name of the President/ General Secretary of the Governing Council of SARS.


19 If the circumstances necessity and the SARS is to be dissolved, the dissolution shall take place only in accordance with the provision laid down in the relevant Act.

20 In case of any amendments is to be made in the memorandum or rules and Regulations of the SARS. These shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

23 All the provisions of the societies Registration Act shall apply to the SARS.